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It all started with Jakera' travel company. We began in a small, humble fishing village in the North East of Venezuela, called Playa Colorada.

From the very beginning we recognised the need for us to create and lead community projects an in 2002, 'Jakera Kids Club' was formed.

Initially it was run and managed by Jakera staff, student volunteers and locals, all combining to host social and educative activities for the most needy kids from our community.

After years of economic devastation and rampant corruption in Venezuela , we have been forced to suspended our student and travel business there.

The Jakera Kids club , which is now know as the "Jakera Club Foundation", has never been suspended.
However, the people of Playa Colorada need our help now more than ever.
We fund this foundation mainly from our programs in Costa Rica , Cuba and Colombia but we welcome any additional help we can get.

Today, the Jakera Club Foundation has 135 kids. We employ 9 full time teachers across a range of subjects, those teachers dedicating their working lives to the foundation. We follow a standard school term cycle and offer extra curricula activities mornings and afternoons, Monday to Saturdays and run special holiday and cultural events several times a year .

For the coming year, providing daily food and drink for the kids has actually become one of our principle objectives . We began with fruit and juice, but as the situation in the country continued into crisis level, we have had to do more.

Besides that for every day a student stays in one of our camps and kid of Jakeraclub is fed and educated for a day as well.

They can use all the help we can get.

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